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Singer/songwriter, dancer, creative writer, and ecopsychologist rooted in rural West Marin, CA.
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Tiana learned to dance in her mother's womb and was belting out songs before she learned to speak. She grew up exploring the glorious lands and waters of California, influenced by a vibrant community of dancers, musicians, artists, and nature-lovers. Her parents were members of a West African dance and drumming troupe, and so Congolese and Senegalese rhythms and songs crystalized the core of Tiana's musical universe. In her adolescence, Tiana fell in love with Hip Hop music and trained in a variety of dance forms before gaining addmitance to UCLA's dance department. She graduated with a degree in Philosophy and English, then worked for CA State Parks as a nature guide before earning a Masters Degree from CIIS in Ecopsychology.  Tiana is passionate about helping people connect to the creative forces of nature that reside both outside and inside our bodies.  Her own creative expressions fortify our spirits and ignite a fierce love for eachother and the future of our planet. Tiana is currently creating original songs, dances, and writings as well as working one-on-one with adults and children to deepen our relationships with the natural world.



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Tiana Cicco

PO Box 132

San Geronimo, CA 94963

Tel: 415-328-2220

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